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At Casayou we help you find your perfect property...
take the tips from the experts about all things that are Casa and You!

How to find an apartment

The majority of people who move to Dubai come from the Indian subcontinent, the West (US, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand), the Far East, and the Middle East. Brazilians also come here a lot, and South Africans are very popular in the UAE too.


Your landlord must give you notice on changes in rent 90 days before contract renewal.
12 month notice is necessary if the landlord chooses to evict you based on a desire to take up personal residence or sell the property.


Make sure you have done your research and are buying the right property for the right reasons. Residential options vary from apartments to villas, bungalows, or plots of land, while commercial properties are restricted to particular business activities and so should be more carefully selected.

Real Estate, Really Smart, Really You!

Casayou Promises exactly that: We understand that where you live is more than just where you sleep at night, more than just the furniture you have filled your space with, more than a location on a map. It is what you do, how you identify, who you interact with, where you go, and why certain things matter when others do not.

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